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C++Builder and Platforms Support

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 8:37 pm
by Lena
C++Builder and Platforms Support: ... cH8TzFgA80
Android 64-bit or macOS support in the short-term (6-9 month) timeframe.
It mean never like support linux.

Re: C++Builder and Platforms Support

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 1:03 pm
by rlebeau
You cut off the first half of that quote:
This does mean that we WILL NOT have Android 64-bit or macOS support in the short-term (6-9 month) timeframe.
And earlier in the article:
Those most impacted should already know the following, but to be clear: On August 1, Google’s deadline for 32-bit applications will come into effect and if you want to continue to update your apps on the Play Store, you will need to recompile them as Android 64-bit. C++Builder does not currently support this platform. WE WILL NOT DELIVER ANDROID 64-BIT SUPPORT BY AUGUST 1ST, NOR IN C++BUILDER 10.4.1 (2020.)

It’s worth noting that 32-bit Android applications are still fully functional - in fact, we released a hotfix to 10.4 solving C++ Android 32-bit exception handling issues a few days ago. Android devices still support 32-bit apps; it is only the Play Store that has the 64-bit limitation, meaning that in-house applications or sideloaded applications remain fully functional.

WE ALSO HAVE NOT SCHEDULED MACOS 64-BIT SUPPORT FOR 2020. When we do, we will likely move directly to support ARM (Apple Silicon.)

If Android 64-bit is important to you, RAD Studio with Delphi is fully compatible. CONTACT US TODAY TO DISCUSS A DISCOUNT AND MAKE THE SWITCH.

(emphasis mine)