July 2010 Developer's Poll

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What tool did you use prior to C++Builder for Windows development?

(a) None--I started with C++Builder
(b) Borland C++/OWL
(c) Delphi
(d) JBuilder or other Java
(e) Visual C++/C#/Basic or other MS
(f) Other (please specify)
Total votes : 62

Re: July 2010 Developer's Poll

Postby theLizard » Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:08 pm

OK, this is as far back as I go, when I was in my teens mid sixties, I worked for a company that had those really big computers that needed punch cards and during my lunch breaks I would go to the computer room and sit at these punch card machines writing what I thought were programs of course non of them worked because windows had not been invented yet and there was no screen to see them work. Th real reason they did not work is because I had NO idea of what I was doing but then that's a long time ago.

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Re: July 2010 Developer's Poll

Postby rfog » Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:18 am

I started with Turbo C 2.0 (yes, old C) doing a BGI DOS PC controller of step motors for an industrial pantograph when I had 16... Then I used Turbo C++ and then Borland C++ until last version (5.02). Then I started with C++Builder 1 until 4 and use 6 in one work.

Then I passed to Visual C++ 2003 and .NEt 1.1 with C# (Before that I did some Visual C++ 6.0 stuff) until Visual C++ 2008. I abandonded C# when 2.0SP1 due bugs not solved, memory leaks when using .NET Compact and serious problems with synchronization and serial ports (I'm still wondering why using more than 3 serial ports in threads with synchronization did kill all the running.NET VM -incluiding the nvidia driver one. Now I do not know if that continue happening with new .NET versions because I've completely abandoned .NET) and continue only with MFC...

And now I want to change another time but I'm indecisive between C++Builder and QT with Visual C++...
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