April 2011 Developer's Poll

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What reporting tool do you use?

a. Rave Reports
b. QuickReport
c. FastReport
d. ReportBuilder
e. Other
f. None
Total votes : 49

April 2011 Developer's Poll

Postby Damon » Wed May 25, 2011 5:13 am

This month's poll question was inspired by Curtis' article.

Personally, I've never used a reporting tool.

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Re: April 2011 Developer's Poll

Postby 2ffat » Wed May 25, 2011 5:56 am

In the past, I've used QuickReports but when we standardized on SQL Server, we moved all our reporting to Crystal Reports. I don't use C++ to write reports anymore so I chose None. If I were, I think I'd look at the Rave reporting.
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Re: April 2011 Developer's Poll

Postby smays » Wed May 25, 2011 6:05 am

I chose "other". I have experimented with Rave Reports, but the behavior within the IDE always seemed different from the behavior in a released program. Also, I never felt like I was able to tame the appearance of the data. Rave Reports does work, I just found an alternative that really made my life easier.

My "other" alternative is Excel, which leaves plenty to be desired, but it makes everybody happy because that is with what they are familiar. I have one program I use exclusively for reporting where all the queries, etc. are stored in the database server. This program will create a spreadsheet and format the data for the user. We tend to spend many hours copying, pasting, and reformatting data, so I have been encouraging people to not actually 'report' the data. In other words, use the grid in the program as a browser. If you have to report 'some' of the data, my program will copy specified rows and columns of data to the clipboard and the user can paste the data into...Excel, Word, Outlook, etc...

I have trained the boss to look for everyone's data in that same manner, so if he can't find the data there, the data must not exist. If a user submits test data to the boss, the boss has the opportunity to question the source of the data.

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