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June 2008 Developer's Poll

Postby Damon » Sun Jul 06, 2008 8:54 pm

[The June 2008 Developer's Poll is now closed. Thanks to those who voted.]

I was recently teaching a student programmer the basics of Windows development. During these sessions, I usually sit down next to the student, tell him to write a line of code, tell him what that line is doing, and then tell him why we have to do it that way. I'm sure most of us have learned from some variant of this teaching paradigm, though probably from a good book rather than an in-person session.

I actually think learning from a book has its advantages, but there's one thing that most programming texts don't say: How to pronounce some of the keywords!

When I was visiting Scotts Valley several years back, I remember some of the Borland employees saying something about an "ee-nee" file. I had no clue what they were talking about, but after hearing it a few times, I finally figured it out based on the context. I then felt quite foolish--they were talking about an .INI file, which I had (and still do) pronounce "I N I" file, saying the individual letters. It was then that I realized that I had never actually heard INI pronounced.

Back to the present: When I told this student to declare a variable of type HWND, he paused for a moment and replied "what is an H wind?" I told him it was a handle to a window, and then he knew what to do. But, it got me thinking: Is it really pronounced "H wind?" Or, is it "H W N D?" Or, is it something else? Needless to say, as with INI, I've never actually heard HWND pronounced by anyone. Hard to believe, but true.

So, what is it? :?

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Postby gtokas » Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:53 am

Even though it isn't easy to speak it out I'm going with b....
The problem "developed" though is when we have Hwnd or hWnd or whatever else...
Usually when reffering to that particular parameter I'm reffering as "the handle" because most of the times it is equal to the WISELY named by Borland, Application->Handle...

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Re: June 2008 Developer's Poll

Postby rlebeau » Mon Jul 07, 2008 3:31 pm

Damon wrote:Is it really pronounced "H wind?" Or, is it "H W N D?" Or, is it something else?

It depends on the type.

For HWND, I would lean towards #D myself, as I usually pronounce it closer to "H wand" than "H wind" in my head. But I voted #A because more generally, it is easier to pronounce Win32 API handle types as the leading "H" by itself and then the remainder of the keyword as normal word(s). Think of HINSTANCE or HMODULE, for example. Try spelling those as single letters ala #B, or as single words ala #C.

Here's a tricky one - HRSRC from FindResource/Ex(). That would be best handled as #D, I think - "H Resource".
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