February 2012 Developer's Poll

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How would you rate the quality of the latest C++Builder help files?

a. Excellent
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b. Good/satisfactory
c. Barely satisfactory
d. Nearly unusable
Total votes: 32

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February 2012 Developer's Poll

Post by Damon »

You can view the latest version of the docs here: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/VCL/en/.

Thanks in advance for your votes.

Damon Chandler
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Re: February 2012 Developer's Poll

Post by gbrandt »

The Firemonkey docs are completely useless. The VCL docs are ok.

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Re: February 2012 Developer's Poll

Post by beautifulalgorithms »

I've never really been happy with the documentation - I think the last time I was happy with with BCB5...

(As is evident on the forum, I currently need help with TOutlookApplication ... which isnt every mentioned in the docs, so guess what I voted :P)
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Re: February 2012 Developer's Poll

Post by rlebeau »

beautifulalgorithms wrote:I've never really been happy with the documentation - I think the last time I was happy with with BCB5...
I will up you one - BCB6 for me.
Remy Lebeau (TeamB)
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Re: February 2012 Developer's Poll

Post by 2ffat »

BCB6 help was great. Builder10's help was useless. I put a link to docwiki on my browser and quit using 10's help files. I've found XE2's help a little better but not much. In a way, I don't blame Embarcadero, I blame Microsoft's new help system. It seems to me that I can't get help for any program that uses it.

01 (just my two bits worth.)
James P. Cottingham

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Re: February 2012 Developer's Poll

Post by pidgi2009 »

When I use the Help system from XE2, It uses the correct search function locally, but invariably all and every single one of the inline searches fail miserably with this message, by example:

MSDN Online (Anglais)
An error occured with the underlying search provider. ErrorCode: {0}

I tried to uncheck one or e few of the searched sites, from Code Wise Community, to no avail.
I tried to search my registry, trying to find where the web adresses are stored, in fact trying to try them (in a browser) and correct them, once again to no avail (did not find anything).
Not a single one of the search providers never returns any single line, from any search field. I tried simple things like "computer", ou "Windows", just to try to at least have something, but always the same line is displayed.

In the provided help on help, they say to remove the said provider, but all of them always show the very same error. BTW, same thing on XE before... The Help system takes 5 to 10 seconds, after showing a few or a lot of found lines in local, and then shows one after the other the very same error code for each provider.
I'm always connected (cable), my connection is fast and reliable, I am administrator (OK, OK, I know the issues...), not blocked by Norton 360 (checked that one already!), what else could I try? For now, on line Help is completely useless.
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Re: February 2012 Developer's Poll

Post by Smoke1 »

Not happy at all, as many are not happy.. with Doucumentation of help files.. From bcb3-7, many mimics
of each other. Very little if any has changed.. Examples are not very good. It would seem to me that if you want the end users to learn from the limited example, you would make that example full blown up Detailed.
Something you could really bite yor teeth in and learn. I found that in this form I get that kind of help..
Authors of this form help you til you understand, code sniplets explanation of why, and what you did wrong
and how you did it wrong. The best Help I get is in this form, and not surfing the internet, of doucumentation help with bcb or radxe.. I've learn more since Ive been in this form than all the reading and searching since I began programing So Thank you everyone for your help and wisdom..
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