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Manuscript Proposal Submission


So, you've got an article idea for C++Builder Developer's Journal? Great! We're always on the lookout for new authors with great ideas.

The C++Builder Developer's Journal is a peer-reviewed journal. The first step toward getting your manuscript published is to submit a manuscript proposal (essentially, an extended abstract) to our editor or you may post your proposal to our Manuscript Proposals forum. Once your idea is accepted, we'll ask you to submit the article for copy editing and subsequent publication.

Because the Journal is entirely online, our publication schedule is extremely flexible; the time course from proposal to publication is typically less than a month. In addition, all authors are compensated (on a per-page rate) for their contributions. This is a great way to promote your work and share your ideas with other developers.


Manuscript Guidelines for Authors

After your manuscript proposal has been accepted for publication, please download our document template and refer to the instructions contained therein to learn how to format your article properly for submission.

  Click here to download our document template (~300 KB)

Submitted articles should be saved as Word documents (6.0 or higher). If you do not have Word, please submit the article in either RTF or plain text format; however, Word documents are preferred and are highly recommended.

When the article is ready for submission, create a ZIP file archive of the article's document file along with the code for any example programs and any figures. E-mail a short description of the article to our editor with the ZIP file attached. We will acknowledge receipt of the submission when we receive it.

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